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Confidential Therapy Sessions

At Chat Corner Psychologists, privacy is paramount. Rest assured that your therapy sessions are confidential. We cannot discuss your sessions with third party without your explicit consent or unless required by law. We ensure the content of your therapy is safe and secure.

Effective Psychological Services

Our commitment is to utilise and evidenced-based approaches which emphasises the most effective therapy methods. This additionally includes patient education, tailored strategies and techniques to help you feel better.

Personalised Client Support

We support our clients by actively listening during the therapeutic process. We provide mental health education, assessments, and an environment to work together to find a personalised solution. Let’s collaborate and customise an individual solution that works for you.

Secure & Industry Level Telehealth Platforms

We utilise technology platforms that provide industry level security and encryption.

This is to ensure our communications, your personal information and mental health data are secure and handled with care while we work together through your concerns and issues.


We do regular follow-ups with clients at agreed intervals, who identify as higher risk or who require a concerted effort to ensure they are on track with their mental health and therapeutic goals.  

Report Writing

We provide psychological reports that are concise, accurate and consider your circumstances.  Our reports may include assessment data when required.

We accept referrals and support participants referred from the NDIS:


We're dedicated to offering therapy sessions that are safe, secure, and confidential.

We're proud to work with clients who come to us. Especially when they appreciate our focus on the important stuff:

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Note: If this is an emergency dial 000 immediately.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land that we live and work on and we are committed to closing the gap.