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Mental Health Care Plan: A Guide if You Have Received One.

Mental Health Care Plans: An Introduction:

Mental health care plan is provided through Medicare Australia-funded psychology rebates help Australian citizens, permanent residents and specific visa holders can access the necessary mental health services through eligible healthcare practitioners (Department of Health, 2022).

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What information does a Mental Health Care Plan contain?

This document is created by your GP in consultation with you, containing your mental health history and a suggested plan for treatment. It should also describe the recommended mental health care services that you need (Medicare Australia, 2022). This plan is required by healthcare professionals eligible under Medicare Australia to provide psychological services to you (Department of Health, 2022).

Mental Health Care plan – What are the Benefits of Getting One?

Obtaining this document is the first step towards receiving personalised and effective therapy from a psychologist. You are eligible for 10 psychological therapy sessions and up to 10 group allied mental health services through Medicare Australia, each calendar year (Department of Health, 2022).

How to Obtain a Mental Health Care Plan through Your GP:

To obtain a mental health care plan, make an appointment with your GP clinic (Department of Health, 2022). Your GP will conduct a mental status examination and determine if a mental health care plan is required. If required, your GP will work with you and your preferred mental health professional in the delivery of your mental health services (Department of Health, 2022).


A mental health care plan is a crucial document to obtain treatment for ongoing mental health issues, as it permits you to consult with a healthcare practitioner such as, a psychologist, to help you evaluate your mental health concerns and consider your treatment options. Contact us at any of the numbers below or email us at if have further questions.

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