Bulk Billed Counselling

bulk billed counselling

Bulk Billed Counselling: Affordable Support for Your Mental Health Needs

Bulk billed counselling is what we at Chat Corner Psychologists offer if you’re facing a challenging mental health issue and need support. We aim to make counselling services available to individuals who require support without any financial constraints. In this article, we explore the concept of bulk billed counselling, its mechanics, and how you can access it.

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What is Bulk Billed Counselling?

Bulk billed counselling is a service where the cost of counselling is covered by Medicare, the Australian government’s public health system (Department of Health, 2022). When you are provided bulk billed counselling, you won’t have to incur any out-of-pocket expenses for your therapy sessions. The types of bulk billing therapeutic services include quite a range of mental health support services, such as individual psychological services and group therapy if you are located in rural areas R4 to R7 ((Department of Health, 2022). A valid referral letter and mental health care plan from your GP permit you to obtain consultations from designated healthcare professionals such psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists (Department of Health, 2022).

How Does Bulk Billed Counselling Work?

To access bulk billed counselling, you’ll need to have a valid Referral Letter and Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. The mental health care plan outlines your medical and psychosocial history, you needs and recommends the most effective treatments that may be considered by your psychologist. Your GP will then send you Referral Letter and Mental health Care Plan to the clinic where you have chosen to commence your psychological services and addressing it to the Head of the psychology clinic to review or, the healthcare practitioner who has a direct involvement in providing you the required bulk billed services.

The quantity of sessions authorized under your Mental Health Care Plan is contingent on your mental health presentation and is limited to a maximum of ten sessions annually (Department of Health, 2022). The requirements from Medicare Australia are that your GP will disburse an initial 6 Medicare Australia psychology rebated sessions and if you require further sessions an additional 4 will be available to you after the initial 6 sessions. Remember that you have a total of up to 10 per calendar year (Department of Health, 2022).

Advantages of ensuring your psychology clinic provides bulk billed counselling

Ensuring that your counselling is bulk billed offers a range of advantages, including:

  1. Affordability: Keeping your out-of-pocket costs minimal during any periods of financial difficulty. This ensures that you are not struggling to get the mental health support that you need.
  2. Accessibility: Working with a psychology clinic that bulk bills ensures that you have a higher probability of retaining your access to mental health services.
  3. Quality: Working with a psychology clinic such as Chat Corner Psychologists ensures that any registered psychologist that do provide bulk billed services are registered with Medicare and has met the Australian government’s standards for education and training through the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA, 2023).

How to Access Bulk Billed Counselling Services

To obtain bulk billed counselling services, take the following actions:

  1. Schedule a visit with your GP: Arrange a consultation with your GP to talk about your mental health issues. After evaluating your situation, they will determine if a Referral Letter and Mental Health Care Plan are necessary.
  2. Obtain a Referral Letter and Mental Health Care Plan: If your GP determines that a valid Referral Letter and Mental Health Care Plan is required, they will forward your bulk billing psychologist with the required documents. You may request a copy for your safekeeping.
  3. Find a psychologist: Using a platform such as chatcorner.com.au, you can search ‘Google’ for psychologists who provide bulk billed services.
  4. Make an appointment: Once you’ve found a psychologist and your GP has forwarded a valid Referral Letter and Mental Health Care Plan to the psychology clinic, fill out the consent and intake forms and to make an appointment. Contact the psychology clinic or platforms and let them know that you have a valid Referral Letter and Mental Health Care Plan and that you would like to access bulk billed services.

Bulk Billed Psychologists

Psychologists possess several years of formal education and practical expertise, qualifying them to assist people in managing an array of mental health disorders. These may include anxiety, depression, phobias, ADHD, and PTSD, among other mental health issues listed in DSM-V and ICD-10. (APA, 2013; WHO, 2016)

When you see a bulk billed psychologist, you’ll be able to access evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and other treatments that are officially designated under Medicare Australia’s scope of treatments and psychoeducation under the Medicare Australia billing items number you are being billed for. Rest assured that the treatments found in the the respective billing items numbers have demonstrated effectiveness across a range of mental health presentations.


If you’re struggling with your mental health, bulk billed counselling can be a valuable resource. This affordable option allows you to receive the assistance you require without incurring any expenses. By adhering to the instructions laid out in this article, you can connect with a mental health expert who will provide bulk billed services and assist you in managing your mental health challenges.

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